Small Blog for a Large Choice

Some of you may know that I support Pro Choice America. This is one of my biggest passions in life. This is something that I have strongly believed in for several years. I feel so strongly about Pro Choice that I base my political votes on the candidate’s position for women’s rights. I just can’t risk voting for someone who is not Pro Choice and have him or her take my rights as a female and a human being away.

To me, Pro Choice is not Pro-Abortion which I believe is the most common misconception! Pro Choice means that you get the right to CHOOSE to have a child or to not have a child. Why has the freedom of choice have such a negative connotation?

Picture this… A sixteen your old child who has chosen to have unsafe sex is obviously misguided and should not have a child of her own when she, herself is a child as well. If we had less “sixteen & pregnant” I think the world would be better off in that our children are more likely to stay in school and finish their education. I believe that if abortion was more acceptable among people that we would have less “sixteen & pregnant.” Yes the sixteen year old made a bad choice but I don’t believe that her education and entire life should suffer the consequences for having a child at such a young age. Not only does the sixteen year old suffer, her child suffers by not growing up with two loving parents who are married to each other. The parents and family of the sixteen year old child also suffer because now the parents are partially and sometimes fully raising their grandchild.

I am by no means saying that having children at sixteen is a bad decision but it is obviously not a wise one and your life is harder because of it. I have many friends and a family member who have all had children young in life and not a single one is with the child’s father. Although not a terrible thing but the child suffers because of that. I come from a broken family and I have had hardships because of it. I hate looking at children as “set backs” but when you are a single female raising a child on your own with the father nowhere insight it is a huge set back and maybe in the end it isn’t so bad but it takes a strong woman to get passed it all. I do believe that my cousin’s child has saved her life because she was going through a rough time hanging with the wrong crowd but it has been hard the entire way back up top. I am not sure where she would be if she had not gotten pregnant or decided that she was going to get an abortion but I would bet my life on that she wouldn’t be going to school to become a Chef. Which brings me back to abortion is not for everyone but that choice shouldn’t be taken away from those who want abortions.

Just because you don’t agree with someone else’s decision on how to live their life or how to raise their children doesn’t mean it should be illegal for the rest of us. I don’t tell you how to live your life, so don’t tell me how to live mine.

Happy 40th Birthday Roe v. Wade

We have come so far and I refuse to allow America to take us back into the dark ages.

My Body.

My Choice.

My Decision.


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7 thoughts on “Small Blog for a Large Choice

  1. Don’t forget that ADOPTION is another CHOICE!! Adoption is another option that is often overlooked. There are so many couples in the US that can not naturally have children of their own. Some of these couples go through extreme measures and monumental expenses to have a child “of their own”. Many families seek international adoptions; i think one of the reasons is there is not much information about domestic children available for adoption. I think it is because many teen mom’s don’t seriously consider the third option. I am grateful for the show Teen Mom and Caitlyn and Tyler as they have been strong advocates for adoption, they have shown what the process looks like, the challenges and the joys of the process.

    You should also mention that your very breath is possible because one woman choose adoption. You also have cousins that are here today because their birth grandmother choose adoption.

    I am not against women who go through extreme challenges and pay heavy sums to have “their own children”, but I wish there was more information provided to these women about adopting domestic children. Yes, adoption is expensive, but NOT as expensive as in vitro and all the other methods. And once that child is brought under your roof, it is really you own child regardless of where their DNA came from, they are your child and you are their parent. Talk to any adopted kid and ask them you their “real family” is and they will say their adopted parents!

  2. Adoption is a great choice. However, there are millions of children all around the world who NEED to be adopted. So honestly, adoption needs to be the choice for the people who want to become parents. I don’t think enough people adopt children which is why they sit in orphanages and foster homes for years. I do agree that it needs to be “advertised” more as an option for those couples seeking to have children. I have nothing against adoption other than most people who want children don’t consider it an option so basically even if every pregnant woman who didn’t want the child gave it up for adoption then our country would fill up very quickly with “unwanted” babies. Babies are more likely to be adopted but it still isn’t seen as CHOICE for those seeking to have have children.

    I see where you’re coming from but we simply don’t have enough families who want adopted children. I wish that wasn’t the case. I am so glad that you are going to chose adoption one day. It is the right CHOICE for you. I will be glad to call any of your adopted children my niece/nephew!

  3. Deirdre, here is a blog from someone who has given a child up for adoption and has also had an abortion. She compares the two and while adoption may be a “choice” its not the right choice for everyone. I wouldn’t be able to give my own child up for adoption but I think I could adopt a child. Giving up a child would be too hard after carrying it for 9 months. The “what-ifs” would be far worse because you know your child is out there somewhere living his/her life.

  4. As an adoptee I always feel like I’m eavesdropping when I see issues that surround it and others thoughts. I can only speak for myself, but not all adoptees have good experiences in their adoptive homes and many are often told that they are not “the real children” of their adoptive parents. I’m digressing, but I thought I should mention that. But, thanks for furthering the conversation on this important women’s issue. Please visit Venus Blogs as they also promote stories and issues that enlighten the masses about women’s topics.

  5. Tameka, thanks for posting!

    My mother was adopted and she had a wonderful family but just because you have a wonderful living family doesn’t make the “where did I come from?” questions go away. So I completely agree with you that not all adoptees have the easy road. I also think it would be 10x worse to give a child up for adoption versus abort the child. It’s easier to let go of the “well ill never know” vs “I may never know…” I think some adoptees have some psychological issues as well because of the “abandonment” piece of being given up. It’s definitely not easy for the mother or child. Thanks for sharing your perspective as someone who was adopted. I will definitely check out the blog you posted!

    I hope that you weren’t offended by anything you read and I don’t consider you eavesdropping :)

  6. :) love love love

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